PPD is a Leading Global Contract Research Organization Focused on Delivering Life-changing Therapies.




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PPD offers a comprehensive set of lab services – ranging from early development to pharmacovigilance to post-approval services, to ensure a company's product success.

As the web manager for PPD, I spearheaded the redesign of their corporate website, intranet and the internal BeWithUs campaign.

  • The corporate site website needed to showcase PPD's longstanding expertise in pharmaceutical development and first-class accomplishments across many life-saving practices.
  • The company wanted to create something that could highlight employees and their accomplishments in and out of work. I suggested BeWithPPD to do this very thing. I designed and developed it from the ground up, so employees could nominate one another or tell their own story, and I would update the site on a weekly basis. It garnered more entires than I could keep up with and helped create internal groups within offices to give recognition and just talk about experiences.
  • Their intranet was outdated and hard to manage. I developed and streamlined the interface and, and allowed more of a showcase layout so employees could see news and accomplishments across the global company.

Design Showcase

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